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Achromatic Waveplates

Achromatic Waveplates are made from two different birefringent quartz plates with a fast axis quartz plate aligning with a slow axis of magnesium fluoride. This allows a retardation value to be achieved across the range of wavelengths targeted.

Simtrum offers a variety of Achromatic Waveplates such as: Super Achromatic Waveplates, Fresnel Rhomb Retarders, Achromatic Half Waveplates, Achromatic Quarter Waveplates.

 Epoxy Cemented or Air Spaced available

 Very Broad Bandwidth

 Custom size available

 RoHS Compliant


MaterialCrystal Quartz+MgF2
Dimension Tolerance+0.0/-0.2mm
Surface Quality40/20 scratch and dig
Clear Aperture>90% central area
Wavefront Distortion/4@632.8nm  (for air spaced type)
Parallelism<10 arc seconds (for single plate)
Retardation Tolerance/100
Standard Wavequarter-wave(λ/4), half-wave(λ/2)
Standard Wavelength


CoatingBoth sides AR coated, R<1% per face
Damage ThresholdCemented: >500mJ/cm2, 20ns, 20Hz @1064nm
Air spaced: >5J/cm2, 20ns, 20Hz @1064nm