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Upright Fluorescence Microscope | SIMTRUM Photonics Store

Upright Fluorescence Microscope
Upright Fluorescence Microscope STF31



The SIMSCOP STF31 series fluorescence microscope adopting an excellent quality infinity optical system combined with an LED fluorescence illuminator. The LED fluorescence system is a modular design and does not need an external power box. It can offer blue, green and UV fluorescence excitation groups. The digital screen shows and remember each fluorescence channel light intensity. 


The microscope is good for entry-level fluorescence observation such as immunofluorescence and bio-fluorescence, and bright fields of the biological slide. It is easy to operate, has environmental protection and high safety, and is widely used at schools, university labs, medical centres and scientific research institutes. Users can choose different models based on fluorescence channels.


Furthermore, our XY Microscope Piezo Stages has been designed for use our SIMSCOP Series Microscopes to provide motorized XY positioning of microscopy  samples. Access for SIMTRUM's XY Microscope Stages can be click here.





●  Microscope works for bright field and fluorescence.

●  100% light division for view in eyepiece and camera imaging.

●  Eyepiece has 22mm wide field of view and high eyepoint.

●  Excitation wavelength covers 330nm~580nm.

●  Configuration is available of three different fluorescence channels.

●  Each group of fluorescence cube is lighted by 3W LED lamp.

●  Slide holder can hold double pieces slides at one time.

●  Instant ON/OFF without preheating or cooling.

●  No requirement of external power box or lamp box.

●  Flexible expanding functions to polarization, white LED epi-illluminating and heating.


●  Botany

●  Education

●  Clinical

●  Immunofluorescence

●  Tuberculosis sputum slide quick diagnose

●  Skin and foot fungus diagnose

●  Respiratory disease diagnose

●  GFP, FITC, TRITC, DAPI and common fluorophores

●  Water quality detection

●  Food safety control

●  Coating material analysis



Product specifications and Brochures

Product Brochure Link: 

Optical SystemInfinity optical system
Observation HeadTrinocular tube, 30º inclined; Pupil distance 53-75mm
EyepiecesWide field WF10X/FN22mm
Fluorescence IlluminationEF:420-480nm / DN:>500nm / BF:>510nm Blue LED
NosepieceQuadruple nosepiece with backward
ObjectivesInfinity plan Achromatic objective   4x/0.1    W.D=21.5mm
Infinity plan Achromatic objective  10x/0.25    W.D=7.5mm
Infinity plan Achromatic objective  40x/0.65    W.D=0.65mm
Infinity plan Achromatic objective  100x/1.25    W.D=0.185mm
CondenserAbbe NA.1.25, Built-in aperture diaphragm
Focusing SystemFine and coarse adjustment with tension and limited stopper,   2um scale, coarse circle 40mm, fine circle 0.2mm, focusing distance 24mm
StageDouble stage,Sizes:210x140mm; moving range:76x50mm
Kohler IlluminationWhite LED, brightness adjustable
Power SourceAC, 100-240V, 50-60Hz
Port0.5X  C-count adapter

XY Microscope Piezo Stages
Model ST-XY3-11075 ST-XY2-7550
Stroke(mm) 110 X 75 75 X 50
Driver Piezoelectric Motor Piezoelectric Motor
Maximum Load Capacity(KG) 1 1
Maximum Speed(mm/s) 100 100
Minimum Step Size(nm) 20 (50, 100nm for option) 50
Repeatability(nm) +/-200 +/-200
Position Sensor Grating Grating
Material Aluminum Alloy Aluminum Alloy
Weight(KG) 3.3 2.5

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Upright Fluorescence Microscope, infinity optical system, Trinocular tube, 30º inclined; Pupil distance 53-75mm, EF: 420-480nm, / DN: > 500nm, / BF:>510nm Blue LED, Quadruple nosepiece with backward, Wide field WF10X/FN22mm
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Compare Model Drawings & Specs Availability Reference Price