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XUV Phase Retarder

XUV Phase Retarder

Our XUV Phase Retarder acts as a quarter waveplate to turn linear polarized XUV light into circular 

polarized light without introducing noticeable dispersion. The phase retarder achieves close-to-

circular polarization of Pc=0.75 and obtains > 25% transmission around 66eV photon energy, where 

the Ni M2/M3 edge locates [1]. A broad spectral range from 40 to 85eV is supported to cover the M2/

M3 edge of 3 transition metals - Fe, Co and Ni. The retarder uses a transmission optimized, four mirror

grazing incidence reflection geometry that induces a quarter wave phase offset between -s and -p 

polarization component of a linear polarized input XUV beam. At the Ni M2/M3 transition up to 3% 

dichroism contrast is observed (i.e. > 85% of the theoretical value) [1]. A clear aperture of 3 mm will allow 

the low divergent XUV to pass through without clipping. Our XUV Phase Retarder is ideally geared to be 

combined with ultrafast high-harmonic XUV sources adding spin-sensitivity to conventional laser based 

pump-probe experiments via attosecond magnetic circular dichroism detection.


Key Product Features:

 Create circular polarized XUV light without adding dispersion (ideal for attosecond applications)

 Up to ≈ 40% max transmission

 Broad spectral range covering 40 – 85 eV

 Compact design, with minimum change in the delay line

 Entrance and exit iris diaphragms for alignment

 Easy to implement in existing setups

 Spectral Range 40-85 eV
 Avg Transmission >25%
 Max Ellipticity Pc1 0.75 @ 66 eV
 Extra Beam Path 3 mm
 Clear Aperture 3 mm

 Footprint 40mm (D) x 92mm (L)

image.png            image.png

    Phase and Transmission, p-Pol                                                                                               Phase and Transmission, p-Pol

 Element Fe Co Ni
 Edge M2 /M3 M2  | M3 M2  | M3
 Energy 52.7 eV 58.9 eV | 59.9 eV 66.2 eV | 68 eV
 Transmission 9% 17% | 18% 26% | 30%

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