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Visible Single Photon Detector(SPD) | SIMTRUM Photonics Store

Visible Single Photon Detector(SPD)

SIMTRUM offerS a range of visible single photon counting modules that meet your experimental needs. With varying single photon detection efficiencies, timing resolutions and sensor sizes, pick a device that would fulfil your experimental and budgetary needs.


Model Wavelength Range Timing Resolution QE  Dark Count Rate
Silicon APD Detection Module
200 -1060nm   65%@700nm,2%@200nm <200cps to <500cps
Visible SPD (Peak QE~500nm) 350 - 1000nm <40ps 35%@500nm, 25%@600nm <7Hz  to <250Hz
Visible SPD (Peak QE~800nm) 350 - 1000nm <200ps
60%@640nm, 80%@800nm <300Hz to <1000Hz
Visible Photon Counter OEM
350 - 900nm 40 -60ps 35%@500nm,4%@900nm <30Hz to <300Hz

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