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Hyperspectral Imaging Camera

Visible , NIR and MIR Hyperspectral Imaging Camera

Series Guide Information

Hyperspectral imaging systems are imaging spectrometer systems that record chemical or physical information precisely and reliably in real time. The spectral data can be evaluated by means of a chemometric data analysis and thus enable reliable classifications or quantifications. The 4 cameras available cover applications from the Visible (VIS), Near Infrared (NIR), Short wave Infrared (SWIR), Mid-wave Infrared (MWIR) hyperspectral imaging.

Suitable for Industrial and System level integration

The spectrometer systems that are based on diode arrays are characterized by a solid design, reliable and low-maintenance operation as well as very short measuring times and thus a high sample throughput. These properties allow for our cameras to be adopted for routine and process analysis applications in industrial environments. Numerous software packages, accessories, optics and mounts are available to support remote sensing applications.

Customisation: Consult with us for customisation of mechnaical or optical components to best meet your needs.

Selection Guide


Spectral   Range

Visible Range

400 to 1000nm

Red Eye (NIR)

950 to 1700nm

Red Eye


Black Eye

2900 to 4200nm

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