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Spectrometers (200nm to 2.5μm) | SIMTRUM Photonics Store

Spectrometers (200nm to 2.5μm)

SIMTRUM provide wide range of spectrometer cover UV, VIS, NIR and MWIR wavelength range, Our Spectrometer range is ideal for both Research, lab and Industrial applications. With an ease of use, integrated software and wide range of slit options, choose a spectrometer to meet your project goals and are suitable for general purpose use.

NameModelWavelength RangeDetectorResolutionNoise RatioDynamic Range
Standard SpectrometerL Sereis200-1100nmHamamatsu,S11639,2048 pixels<1nm customizable500:12000:1
Standard SpectrometerH Series200-1100nmHamamatsu,S11639,2048 pixels<1nm customizable500:12000:1
BSI UV Enhanced SpectrometerM Series200-1100nmHamamatsu,S10420,64×2048 pixels<1nm customizable800:15000:1
BSI Coold High Sensitivity Spectrometer MC Serie200-1100nmHamamatsu,S7031,64×1044 pixels<1nm customizable1000:110000:1
Large NA High Sensitivity Spectrometer HiNA Serie530-1300nmHamamatsu,S7031,64×1044 pixels       Hamanatsu,  G14237, 512 pixels<1nm customizable1000:110000:1
Cooled NIR Spectrometer NIR Series900-2500nmHamamatsu, G92033-10nm15000:115000:1
Raman Spectrometer 532/785/1064
2-10 cm-1

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