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Inverted Fluorescence Microscope | SIMTRUM Photonics Store

Inverted Fluorescence Microscope

Inverted Fluorescence Microscope STF52-N

The SIMTRUM inverted fluorescence microscope is composed of LED epi-fluorescence system and inverted biological microscope. It adopts excellent infinite optical path, long working distance plan achromatic objectives and wide field eyepiece. The compact and stable high rigid body satisfied the anti vibration requirements of microscope operation. Modular design provides safely and quickly lighting adjustment and switch of fluorescent filter groups. This SIMTRUM microscope is used for microscope observation of cell tissue and transparent liquid tissue, as well as fluorescence observation in the fields of bio-pharmaceutical, medical detection, disease prevention, etc.

Product Advantage

• Long lifetime, stable output to ensure effective excitation 

• Digital screen show and remember light intensity 

• Strong light intensity of short light path, reliable and safety 

• Easy to use, no need debugging, instant ON/OFF 

• Varies of fluorescence filter groups 

• Compatible to microscopes in world famous brand 

• Professional customize solution for different users 

• Fluorescence module is removable, upgrading to 5 channels with 3/4 color fluorescent band optional

Fluorescence illuminator

Product Features

• Built-in 0.75X C-mount, it has a great effect on image correction 

• Compatible with all below 1.2 inches cameras 

• Clear objectives imaging and no field curvature halo, high contrast 

• SWF10X/22S eyepiece

  SWF10X/22 eyepiece provides a wide and bright field of vision,higher overall clarity of the image, enabling users to quickly capture the target area, high eye point 

  design effectively alleviate visual fatigue.

• New optical path design

  Ensuring the imaging quality and reduce the optical signal transmission occupied space through the optimization optical path design

Phase Contrast
Phase Contrast Observation

• The introduction of phase contrast has made human vision a new expansion. 

• Phase contrast observation with an inverted microscope can clearly observe transparent living samples, which are mostly used for cell culture. 

• Principle: The retention degree of light passing through substances of different densities is different (the higher the density, the longer the residence time)


 No phase contrast effect

Has phase contrast effect

Phase Contrast Plate

Phase contrast plate converts optical path difference or phase  difference into amplitude difference to enhance contrast. Light absorbing substances in the plate to enlarge the potential difference of deviated light, two light groups converge into a beam through the lens, the interference phenomenon of super position or cancellation occurs and show the visible light and dark difference.

Objectives and Eyepieces


• High numerical aperture objectives

• High transparent glass and    advanced coating technology are used to halo

• Upgraded plan phase contrast objectives

  Positive phase contrast the reasonability of phase difference light and shade distribution objectives in 

  long working distance increase contrast and resolution of imaging are greatly improved.

• Semi-apochromatic fluorescence objectives 

• High-quality fluorescence objectives are optional by needs, image performance is improved, better 

  UV transmission than conventional objectives, and comparable to international famous brands quality.


• Observation tube

  45°inclined, Interpupillary distance 50-75mm, diopter is adjust-able. You can stand or sit to 

  observe the cells, and the operation is simple and convenient, reducing fatigue at work.

• Eyepiece

  SWF10X/22 eyepiece provides a wide and bright field of vision, higher overall clarity of the image, 

  enabling users to quickly capture the target area, high eye point design effectively alleviate visual fatigue.

Scientific Research Inverted Fluorescence Microscope STF53-N

The SIMSCOP STF53-N Inverted Fluorescence Microscope is equipped with semi-apochromatic fluorescence objective lens with a high numerical aperture, wide field of view eyepiece, 5-hole/6-hole fluorescence attachment and long-life wide-spectrum high-power LED light source. SIMTRUM offers the inverted fluorescence microscope that can be customized and modified, and combined with laser, analytical spectroscopy, transparent hot stage, etc., it can be used in scientific research and testing in the fields of nanomaterials and optoelectronics

Advanced Modular Design

Motorized XYZ stage option is available

The XYZ high precision motorized stage is workable to STF53-N  microscope to control high accuracy focusing under big zoom  times objectives, applied with SDK, more automatic functions  are workable. That is the basement of high-resolution imaging.

• High precision, XYZ re-positioning accuracy gets to 0.1μm 

• Moving speed is controllable for different zoom times objectives 

• Ultrasonic motor is quite and stable running

Semi-apochromat fluorescence objectives
Wide field of view eyepiece

The semi-apochromat fluorescence objective lens with high numerical aperture has the properties of high definition and fluorescence transmittance, and the imaging is sharp under brightfield fluorescence, which can meet the observation  in various fluorescence fields.

23 large field of view eyepiece are standard, and 25mm fields of view are optional, which can meet the needs of customers for large field of view observation.

Fluorescence attachment works for 6 mirror units
Fluorescence illuminating system

Equipped with 5-hole/6-hole fluorescence attachment, it is easy to replace and disassemble. It adopts a turntable structure design, which is convenient to switch and can meet the observation needs of various fluorescence at the same time.

The long-life wide-spectrum high-power LED light source not only has uniform brightness but also is easy to maintain. The spectrum covers the wavelength range of 350nm-760nm.


Meet Multiple Requirements of Observation Method

Bright field observation

Using LED lighting, high brightness, low radiation, the light path does not need to be adjusted, providing an efficient and comfortable observation environment. Long service life, avoid frequent replacement, energy saving and environmental protection.

Fluorescence observation

The new optical path upgrade greatly improves the brightness of fluorescence imaging degree and uniformity. Configurable U/V/B/G/Y/R to observe common fluorescent dyes such as DAPI, FITC, TRITC, Alexa Fluor series, Cy3 series, etc. materials in the fields of CTC detection, FRET, cellular

 immunity, etc.

Phase contrast observation

The push-pull phase contrast ring plate design is simple and convenient to operate, and the phase contrast imaging is uniform. The ring of the corresponding multiple can be flexibly replaced according to the needs.

Product specifications and Brochures

Product Brochure Link:  STF52-N   |    STF53-N

EyepieceSWF10X/22S plan eyepiece, high eyepointWF10X/23 wide field eyepiece, high eyepoint
Centering telescopeCentering telescope
Observation Tube45°inclined, Interpupillary distance 53-75mm, diopter is adjustableBinocular observation tube, 45°inclined, pupil distance adjust range 50-75mm, diopter adjustable

Long working distance plan   M-UPLFLN4X/0.13 Work distance:17.15mm

Semi-apochromat Plan Fluor4X/0.13; WD: 18.5mmPlan achromat LWD Plan4X/0.1 WD: 11.98mm
Semi-apochromat Plan Fluor10X/0.3; WD: 7.1mmPlan achromat Plan10X/0.25 WD: 4.1mm
Infinity long working distance achromatic plan10X/0.25 Work distance:4.1mm
Semi-apochromat Plan Fluor20X/0.45; WD: 5.9mmPlan achromat Plan   40X/0.58 WD: 2.5mm
Infinity long working distance achromatic plan40X/0.58 Work distance:2.5mm
Semi-apochromat Plan Fluor40X/0.65; WD: 1.6mm
Infinity long working distance achromatic phase contrast plan10X/0.25Ph WD:4.1
Long working distance infinite plan achromat phase contrast Plan10X/0.25 PH; WD: 4.1mm
Infinity long working distance achromatic phase contrast plan20X/0.45Ph WD:2.5 mm
Long working distance infinite plan achromat phase contrast Plan20X/0.45 PH; WD: 5mm

Epi - 


Cold LED light source, brightness continuously adjustable100W Broad-spectrum LED light source
Standard with three excitation filter groups, other filter groups are optionalSix tuple filter cube positions fluorescence attachment
Excitation filterExcitation wavelengthFilter cubeExcitation wavelength
Ultraviolet (UV)360-390nmUV(U)EX:375/30nm; DM:415nm; EM:460/50nm
Blue (B)460-495nmBlue(B)EX:475/30nm; DM:505nm; EM:530/40nm
Green (G)528-553nmGreen(G)EX:540/25nm; DM:565nm; EM:605/55nm
Focus SystemCoaxial coarse/fine   focus, with tension adjustable and up stop, minimum division of fine focusing is 2μm.Coaxial coarse and fine with limit and locking devices, Minimum adjustment gradations: 1 µm
NosepieceQuintuple nosepiece,ball bearing with anti fungus deviceQuintuple revolving nosepiece with bearing inner location and anti-fungus device
StageGlass rotundity stage overall size is Ф118mm, inner size is Ф68mmFixed stage 240mmX260mm,with low-positioned X/Y coaxial control knob, travel distance 135mmX85mm

Water drop slide glass holder(Φ118mm)

Multi-function slide glass holder(76mmX26mm, Φ60mm)

The motorized XYZ stage option is available

Culture dish holder 186mm×129. 5mm, suitable for circular culture dish Ф90mm
Culture dish holder 234mm×77.5mm, suitable for circular culture dish Ф68.5mm
Culture dish holder 357mm×82mm, suitable for circular culture dish Ф60mm
Culture dish holder 429mm×77.5mm, suitable for circular culture dish Ф35mm
Transmitted Illumination SystemWhite LED lamp with brightness adjustableWarm LED brightness contentiously adjustment
Push-pull type condenser, numerical aperture 0.3LED rotary brightness control knob
Green filterLong working distance condenser 72mm, NA 0.30 with triple phase contrast slider 10X/20X/40X
Light Baffle110mm x 70mm


Condenser   Lighting SystemPush-pull type condenser, working distance 55mm/
9W LED,with brightness adjustable/
Camera AdapterInternal set 0.75X C-mountInternal set 0.75X/1X


Living tissue observation

Generally,small pieces of diseased tissues,body fluids,and cells of animals are obtained by 

surgical cutting,clamping,or scraping and aspiration.After pathological tissue or cytological 

methods are made into thin sections,the pathological diagnosis can be made by observing 
under a microscope.


Biopharmaceuticals are the research results of microbiology,biology,medicine,and biochemis-

try.A class of products used for prevention, treatment and diagnosis made from organ-isms,

 biological tissues, cells, organs, and body fluids using scientific principles and methods.

Medical diagnosis

Medical diagnosis is the examination of mate-rials taken from the human body. Through 

microbiology,immunology,biochemistry,genetics,hematology,biophysics, cytology, etc, 

provide information for the prevention, diagnosis, treatment of human diseases and 

assessment of human health.

Prevent disease

Conduct epidemiological monitoring of the occurrence, development and distribution of major 

diseases, and propose prevention and control countermeasures. Such as infectious diseases, 

parasitic diseases, chronic non-communicable  diseases, public hazards, food-borne diseases,

poisoning, etc.

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Inverted Fluorescence Microscope, SWF10X/22S plan eyepiece, high eyepoint, Centering telescope, 45°inclined, Interpupillary distance 53-75mm, diopter is adjustable, Cold LED light source, brightness continuously adjustable, Standard with three excitation filter groups, other filter groups are optional.
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Inverted Fluorescence Microscope, WF10X/23 wide field eyepiece, high eyepoint, Centering telescope, Binocular observation tube, 45°inclined, pupil distance adjust range 50-75mm, diopter adjustable,100W Broad-spectrum LED light source, Six tuple filter cube positions fluorescence attachment
6-8 Weeks Request for quote

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