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Supercontinuum Cavity-Ringdown Reflectometer | SIMTRUM Photonics Store

Supercontinuum Cavity-Ringdown Reflectometer


The GLACIER-C is a further development of our successful GLACIER reflectometer. The GLACIER 

allows for measurement of losses of optical coatings down to 5 ppm using the extreme sensitive 

cavity ring-down spectroscopy method. It is therefore often used to characterize highly reflective 

mirrors where conventional reflection and absorption measurements are insufficient. The new

innovation of the GLACIER-C device is the employment of a super-continuum laser source in 

combination with a tunable monochromator. This allow for a freely electable wavelength within 450nm 

and 2000 nm and thus offer an unprecedented flexibility as it is not limited to available diode laser 

wavelengths. The GLACIER-C combines the unrivalled sensitivity of the GLACIER system with an

unrivalled flexibility creating the most powerful deviceon the market. The device features high-speed 

data acquisition and allows to record measurements within seconds. Easy and fast change of

wavelength is facilitated through the user friendly software and easy change of optics on kinematic 



Key Product Features

  Reflectivity measurements up to 99.9995%

  Various angles of incidence: 5°-45° (and 0°)

  S and p polarization (separately)

  Antireflective coating characterization down to 0.0005% (5 ppm)

  Simple and reproducible alignment for 0.5”, 1” and 2” optics

  Spring-loaded mirror fixtures for reproducible mounting without strain

  Computer and user-friendly software interface included

  High-speed data acquisition and real-time analysis

  Super-continuum laser source and tunable monochromator. Easy and fast change of wavelength

  Freely selectable wavelength: 450-2000 nm

  Footprint 90 x 55 cm²

Working Principle

The principle of reflectivity/loss measurements with cavity ring-down spectroscopy is based on very low losses at each mirror bounce. Pulses travelling inside a cavity

experience optical losses over and over again during each round trip. The device measures the time-dependent intensity I(t) leaked through an end mirror of the cavity

(center). The signal decays with a time constant depending on the intra-cavity losses.


Sketch of the working

principle of our cavity

ring-down device 

including measurement 

and fitting procedure

ght Source 


The source consists of a super-continuum laser source

and a monochromator. The monochromator is tunable 

as it employs Acousto Optic Tunable Filters (AOTF).The

monochromator comes with two AOTF crystals each 

active in separate broad wavelength ranges. The choice 

of crystals defines the available wavelengths and can be

chosen from seven different crystals as to fit individual 


 Example 1: 640 nm – 1100 nm & 1200 nm – 2000 nm 

 Example 2: 450 nm – 650 nm & 800 nm – 1400 nm

The figures to show three typical measurements of high 

reflective samples and measurement of an empty cavity 

(at 1417 nm) where humidity in the cavity causes extra 

losses. All measurements are recorded on the same 

GLACIERC device demonstrating the wavelength 

flexibility. The loss measurements are realized through 

a comparison of measurements of cavity losses with and 

without the test sample.

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