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PMS-MSL Series

3D UV Exposure (parallel light)

Product Use:

1. For mobile phone 3D glass ink exposure.

2. For high-precision PCB line printing exposure.

3. Replace laser direct imaging (LDI).

Product Advantages:

1. High uniformity, effectively ensure the exposure accuracy.

2. Energy saving and environmental friendly.

3. The same effect as the mobile phone touch screen printing process.

4. Comparable to LDI technology, but the cost is much lower.

Advantages of exposure technology:

1. Solve the 3D curved glass printing problems(including four-sided bending).

2. High accuracy of graphic printing, including single-layer and multiple-layers.

3. Gastric spraying ensures the uniformity of thickness, improves the compactness, and reduced the thickness of the tanker.

4. Adopt graphic transfertechnology, high yield.

5. Single manufacturing process of 4-6 inch cover plat, obvious productivity advantage.

6. Thinner ink is conducive to bonding, improve the overall yield of the process, the thinnest ink can be up to 2um and is not opaque.

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