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Right Angle Prism Mirrors

Right Angle Prism Mirrors are also known as hypotenuse-coated right-angle prism mirrors, which are also known as turning mirrors. It implements total internal reflection (TIR) by using its hypotenuse face. Each mirror's hypotenuse is coated with either a broadband dielectric, metallic, or laser line coating. They are ideal for alignment and its front surface mirror reflects light at 90 degrees. They are used for beam steering or as a knife edge to separate and combine beams.

Metallic coated mirrors consist of a good combination of performance and value for general purpose applications. They operate over a very broad spectral range from UV to visible, and visible to near – and mid-IR. They are relatively insensitive to angle of incidence and polarization, and their relatively wide bandwidth and high reflectivity makes them ideal for applications like spectroscopy.