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Pulse Generator Electrosystems

AVTECH Electrosystems is a world leader based in Canada specialising in high speed pulse generation and the related accessories. 

Ultra-fast Rise Times: pulse generators with rise times as low as 40 ps and models with pulse repetition frequencies (PRF) up to 250 MHz

Medium to High Voltage Pulse Generatorsspecialty pulse generators with voltages up to 3000V

General purpose pulse: high-quality, all-metal, general-purpose pulse generators. Models with ±5V, ±10V, ±50V, and ±100V maximum amplitudes are available. 

With over 500 part lines we offer a wide range of solutions to meet a great range of needs. Consult us with your key requirements to find a device that matches your needs. 

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Labview Drivers Available  SIMTRUM TECHNICAL TEAM (1).png

Accessories Available. 

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Specification Sheets and Past Production Reports Available